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Melissa Tullipan

​After 5 training sessions khaleesi has gone from ignoring my recalls to coming straight back and not going to other people. she is now walking off lead ,waiting at crossings and the side of the road before walking across, waiting for my command. i highly recommend Simone for training your dog. Thanks chasing perfection.

John Norman

​I would 100% recommend Simone to everyone. After recently adopting a new dog we struggled with sleepless nights as the new dog was taking control and not letting my old dog access to his bed or shelter whenever we weren’t home. After 1 training lesson & a bit of insight they are both happily on the same bed and on the balcony under shelter.

  • Rum absolutely loves going for his walks with Simone, he always gets so spoilt. Simone has helped socialise Rum and lead train him as he was very assertive and funny towards other dogs on a lead, now he's such a gentleman and walks perfectly for us. Thank you for all your help

Kelsie White

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