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Behavioural Consultation

I am experienced in helping owner to overcome their dog’s problem behaviours/issues. Through my years of experience, I will help you to overcome these issues and create a happier, confident well-rounded dog. I have successfully helped people with issues of:​

  • Aggression & Reactivity

  • Shy/fearful/timid dogs

  • Resource guarding

  • Excessive barking

  • Separation anxiety and stress

  • Hyperactivity/hyper arousal

  • Jumping and mouthing

  • Destructive behaviour and chewing

  • Loose lead walking

  • Recall

  • Adding a new family member to family

  • Toilet training

When addressing these issues, I first complete an initial consultation, in which I go through everything that you are experiencing, get to the bottom of it, and find out why it is happening in the first place. I then devise a plan involving preventative measures, management and training that is achievable to both the dog and the handler. The initial consultation mostly consists of gathering information and ensuring that you have a clear understanding of these key areas:

·         Why is the behaviour happening?

·         What is the day-to-day management strategies you are aiming to implement?

·         How to react if/when the unwanted behaviour happens again?

·         What activities and enrichment can you do and provide for your dog that are healthy and going to help the dog and their training?

·         What the long- and short-term training goals are? And what new, more desirable behaviours are we working on training?

The key to training and changing any behaviour is consistency, practice and adapting as new challenges present themselves. Follow up sessions are available and recommended to give you and your dog the best possible chance of success. It is in these follow up sessions that we will be able to build on the foundations set in the previous sessions.

In Home Behaviour Consultation.

Phone Consultation.

Zoom Consultation.

Video assessment and training plan created.

Please call for prices.

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