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Dog Training

I am here to train your dog to become the best dog it can be. I want you all to experience what it is like to not only have a good dog, but a fantastic dog! Regular dog training is the way to go about it. 

There is no dog training issue too big or too small. 

I am here to help train your dog, and I have 6 main dog training stages:

·         Puppy

·         Young Dogs

·         Basic

·         Intermediate

·         Control

·         Advanced (off lead)

Puppy Dog Training- is for vaccinated dogs 2months-6months of age. It is during this stage of dog training that your dog will learn the basic commands and word association, which is needed to develop your dog’s reliability. It is during this stage that puppies are introduced to positive socialisation and confidence training. The skill targets are to get to your puppy to: 

Image 8-8-22 at 5.55 pm.jpeg

·         Relaxed confidence

·         Working and Release modes

·         Marker Cues (yes and no)

·         Puppy Obedience Exercises 

·         Leadership

·         Socialisation and Confidence 

Young Dogs Training- Must be at least 6 months of age. During this stage of dog training you

will be training your dog to obey the basic commands in obedience whilst on lead.

Through this stage the introduction to basic concepts of socialisation and confidence development training. During this stage the skill targets your dog will aiming for are:

  • Working and Release modes

  • Marker cues (yes and no)

  • Stand, Sit, and Drop

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • On Lead Recalls

  • Focus

  • Leadership

  • Socialisation and Confidence


Basic Dog Training- Dogs must be 12months + during this stage. At this stage of dog training, they will be trained to obey the basic commands in obedience while on a lead. This stage is to develop word association to a command, not to develop reliability, as they are learning how to do the exercise. The skills and targets during this stage are:

  • Working and Release Modes

  • Marker Cues (yes and no)

  • Stand, Sit and Drop

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • On lead recalls

  • Focus

  • Leadership

  • Socialisation and Confidence


Intermediate Dog Training- The same commands and similar exercises, however the skills and targets for this stage are:

  • Intro to 'stay'

  • Intro to 'return to heel'

  • 'heeling’ alongside handler

  • 'On the lead Distance Recalls'

  • Intro to 'hand signals'


Control Dog Training- In control we introduce you and your dog to off-lead work and hand signals. Various combinations of instructions are used, and handler begins to disappear out of sight more often, in preparation for your dog to be a perfect member of society with you, or without you being present. There are some prerequisites which are:  successfully completed Intermediate, and sound Temperament. The skills are targets for this stage are:

  • Reliable 'stays' 'sits' and drops

  • Reliable 'off lead recalls'

  • Reliable 'on lead heeling'

  • Active 'Food refusal'

  • Strong Handler Leadership

  • Appropriate 'socialisation & Confidence'

  • 'Off Lead- impulse control' under distraction


Advanced Dog Training- At this stage your dog will be trained to obey both verbal commands and hand signals at a distance whilst off lead. Your dog will be taught to resist natural impulses, whether you are present or not. The prerequisites for this stage are successfully completed control, sound temperament, no sign of aggression.  The skills and targets of this stage are:

  • Distance & out of sight stays, sits, & Drops

  • 'Distance off Lead Recalls'

  • 'Off Lead Heeling' by handlers’ side

  • Reliable 'Distance Hand Signals' control

  • Strong Handler Leadership

  • Appropriate 'Socialisation 7 Confidence'

  • 'Off Lead- Impulse Control' under distraction 

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