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Why you need to bath your dog!

It is the age old debate... should I bath my dog? and if so how often?


There are many health benefits for bathing your dog such as:

  • reduces skin conditions such as hot spots, and skin allergies

  • removes dirt from their coat and skin

  • helps you to identify any changes in lumps or bumps, or any other sores.

  • reduces infection and inflammation on their skin. Just like us, they have pores, and they can become clogged and dirty,. These can develop into future problems.

  • helps you to identify fleas sooner

  • helps with the deshedding process, which in turn assists with avoiding knots.

  • moisturises and conditions their skin and coat which prevents dry itchy skin.

Regular bathing helps with your dogs' overall wellness and happiness. While not every dog loves a bath, but most find it relaxing. It is how you introduce your dog to bath times, and how you make it a fun relaxing positive experience, and one that they end up loving.

How to make bath time something your dog will love

If your dog doesn't like baths, first thing you need to do is not force your dog into the bath. Instead, you want to start to play games with your dog with the bath in the distance. Overtime you will get closer to the bath, and eventually into the bath. Never bath your dog the first time they are in the bath, but instead build up their confidence in and out of the bath.

Things you will need for a successful and relaxing bath

  • hot water, unless it's an exceptionally hot day no one enjoys a cold bath or shower. Once you have the right water temperature, your dog will enjoy their bath rather than shiver and hate bath time.

  • Use a quality shampoo.. If you don't use a good quality shampoo it can leave your dogs skin dry, and their fur brittle. A good quality shampoo such as UWDOGS uses quality Australian essential oils to naturally treat your dog, have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial components that soothe and moisturises damaged, allergy prone skin. It will also help in aiding in treatment of topical skin infections. This means your dog will really enjoy you shampooing them, as it reaches their skin it will feel amazing for them, not to mention the massage they get as you apply the shampoo. TIP make sure you shampoo your dog twice.

  • Use a quality conditioner, and yes you must use conditioner on your dog. Always use conditioner on your dog after Shampooing it opens the hair cuticle to cleanse away dirt, and grime. Closing the hair follicle, and to capture moisture to protect the hair shaft will always require a conditioning agent. I use UWDOGS conditioner as it can be used as a leave in conditioner treatment. When applied to the dog it goes on as silk, and when brushed through their coat in the bath really helps moisturise their skin and coat. Plus it smells amazing and really brings out the shine in their coat. This process makes it easier for brushing and grooming later on.

  • Blow drying. This can be terrifying for a lot of dogs. As always, it's how you introduce you dog to the process. This needs to be introduced in a positive and safe manner. You don't want to just turn the dryer on full blast and start blasting them. Start on low and at a distance that is comfortable for your dog. Over time they do get used to being blow dried. Blow drying is a great process that also helps with the deshedding process.

Let's talk De-shedding and why you must do it!

I'm sure everyone that has a dog with hair knows how much they can shed, especially coming into the summer months. Keeping their coat under control isn't easy... trust me I know, I have 3 very fluffy dogs, one of which her coat is a full time job.

All dogs shed, but some dogs definitely shed more than others. Knowing how to de-shed your dog will not only make your dog feel happier, but you will also benefit as you won't have much fur flying around your house everywhere. Most dogs are double-coated which means they have undercoats and top coats.

De-shedding is the process of removing your dogs' loose undercoat hair. This helps your dog to get rid of all that fur that ultimately ends up all on your furniture and floors. This process also helps your dogs skin and coat to become healthy.

Seasonal shedding is a thing, hence why they need extra attention and help coming into summer, and again before winter. This seasonal shedding process happens with the temperature change, as it gets warmer the dogs will shed their winter coat, to make way for a lighter coat, and this is reversed for winter. During this period you need to brush your dog regularly. If you keep on top of your regularly brushing/deshedding it's so much easier for you, and your dog. If you don't, your dog will become matted and knots everywhere. Particularly where the undercoat gets "trapped" this is often around their rear end, and on their side.

In the summer months it is crucial you brush your dog everyday to get out that undercoat as it will help the dog to cool down, as their coat is designed to insulate their skin, and slows down the heat absorption. Studies suggest that shaved dogs overheat faster than a dog with a healthy coat.

knots- the good, the bad and the really ugly

Knots happen all the time, and like humans, dogs can find them painful. This is why regular brushing and grooming is important, you can deal with these knots before they become matted and like dreadlocks.

Tip number one use UWDOGS no knots detangler, it is a lifesaver in our household. This magic in a bottle has a special ingredient in it that is a hair relaxant. What that means is you spray as much as you want onto the knot and you can work out that knot without having to cut the knot out. I have even seen it used on a massive matte and it still got it out (obviously you need a very patient dog to let you sit there and work on it for some time). Apart from the amazing smell, it also helps keep the coat conditioned.

Tip number two. If the knot is too big/matted or your dog isn't patient enough, rather than cutting a massive knot out, it will look like you have just cut a chunk out of their coat. The best way is to get yourself some thinning scissors and slowly work the knot out. This way you get the knot out minus the bad haircut.

Finally, if you don't take your dog to get groomed regularly or keep up to date with your grooming and bathing your dog, your dog will develop skin conditions, have a dry and dull coat, will smell, and the dogs can become miserable because of this. Bath your dogs, they will love it, you will build a better, and stronger relationship with your dog. Not only that, but your dogs will be happy as, look, feel, and smell so much better.

If you want to try UWDOGS for yourself (trust me do yourself a favour, you won't regret it) use discount code: 3borders

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